​Whether you’re planning a remodel or building a brand-new home, the kitchen is an important focal point in any house. If you’re wondering how to add a dash of excitement to your design, consider some unique cabinet trends to maximize your space and add some drama to your space. 

​Make the Space Yours

​Decorative materials in your kitchen will add an air of chic sophistication to your space. Try adding fairy lights in a clear glass jar to instantly spice up your kitchen or save a shelf for family heirlooms and knick-knacks. 

​Built-In Wet Bar

Replace a wine cooler with built-in bar cabinets that instantly transform your pantry into a neat bar station. Add drawers and dividers for extra storage. 

​Show Off Your Treasures

​A “treasure chest” cabinet with sliding glass doors has fantastic potential for your kitchen. Showcase your pretty plates and kitchenware inside so your guests can admire your collection. 

​Hidden, Useful Cabinets

​Disguise plenty of storage with camouflage cabinets that can make your kitchen appear bigger. Full-length cabinets fit well into kitchen corners. Store cleaning supplies, rugs, tools, or create a pantry. 

​Shake Things Up

​Mix various styles and trends into your kitchen for a space worth talking about. Think outside the box with your light fixtures or faucets. Give your kitchen a vintage feel or go with the classic look. Just make sure your compliment, rather than take away from, your overall design. 

​Breezy, Open Cabinets

​Take the doors off your upper cabinets for easy access to your items and to create a gallery feel. It’ll be easier to know what you’re storing when you can clearly see your items. 
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