Bring new energy and coziness into your kitchen this holiday season with a unique warm color palette. Whether you just want a few accents like lighting fixtures or you want a coat of paint and a fresh cabinet look, we have the best styles for the season.


If you haven’t noticed, the 70s are “in.” No, not that nasty avocado green, but the rich browns and oranges. For that bit of autumn warmth year-round, try spiced-orange paint on the walls or cabinets. To keep the look more fluid throughout the year, choose medium to dark flat-front wood cabinets with contrasting orange drawers and light countertops with flecks and veins of richer brown and gold tones.


A deep brick-red color creates an instant feeling of warmth. You can keep it old school with an antique table set and toasty wood or farmhouse-white cabinets with beautiful molding. On the other hand, it's great for a modern kitchen. Flat panel, glazed, stark-white cabinets and subway tile backsplash brighten the space. Add some berry-pinks and purples to create a whimsical feel and make the room feel open, while keeping it intimate. Both styles can benefit from fun prints on light fixtures and curtains that carry into the living or dining space to give the first floor a unified look.


​Create a luxurious kitchen that you and your guests can relax and have fun in. Golden-poppy walls are elegant and peaceful. For a funky look, think about red cabinets and a richly colored recycled glass countertop. To continue the modern elegant look, experiment with dark slate-gray cabinets and corresponding velvet curtains and/or cushioned seating, and geometric wall art that incorporates gold.

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