Laminate flooring can be a beautiful, practical and cost-effective flooring solution for your stairs, but only if you install it properly. Before you begin the installation process, read these five things you need to know before you install laminate flooring on your stairs. It may just save you time, grief and accidents later.

1. Installing Laminate Flooring on Stairs Takes Some Degree of Skill
Installing laminate flooring on stairs is not a task for beginners. Because of the increased risk of slipping, tripping or falling on the stairs, you will only want to attempt this project if you are very handy. Otherwise, call a professional.

2. Make Sure Your Materials are the Right Width 
Laminate flooring planks and stair treads are not always the same length. Piece the planks together the night before and let them dry. Cut them to size before you install them. Then, you won't be stuck trying to piece them together on the stairs.

3. Be Sure to Install the Stairnose Correctly
While you want every part of your staircase to be installed correctly, the stairnose is especially important. If it is not installed properly, it could give way when someone steps on it, causing them to tumble down the stairs. You will want one screw for every nine inches of nosing. Use construction adhesive as well for a secure hold.

4. You Should Not Use an Underlayment
Do not use a floating floor system or an underlayment on a staircase. Instead, be sure to use glue as well as nails or screws to hold the laminate flooring planks securely in place. You don't want to risk any planks moving or coming loose.

5. Work From the Top Down
When installing the laminate flooring planks, start with the top step and work your way down. This way, you will not need to stand on one plank while installing the next. Be careful not to walk on the stairs until the glue has dried, which can take several hours.

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