Installing hardwood flooring can be an elegant way to give your home a new makeover. After investing in the value of your home, you want to ensure that it remains looking beautiful for years to come. Below you will find the best hardwood flooring tips to help you care for your new floors.
All hardwood floors are going to be vulnerable to damage if they are not properly cared for. Scratching can be caused by a number of things including pet claws, furniture movement, high heels and damage from dirt particles left on the hardwood flooring.
Encourage people to remove their shoes and use rugs in high traffic areas. A welcome mat at the entrance can help reduce a great deal of dirt, gravel and other outdoor debris that could potentially scratch your hardwood flooring from entering your home. You should sweep or vacuum your floors daily to ensure that all debris is removed.

Avoiding Scratches On Hardwood Flooring

Avoiding Moisture On Hardwood Flooring

Moisture can be devastating to your beautiful hardwood flooring. While most people tend to think of this only during the winter months, when it's common for snow to be tracked in from outdoors, you should be aware of the dangers of moisture throughout the year.
The best method for preventing outside moisture from ruining your hardwood flooring is to use a entrance mat and ask that all shoes be removed before entering. You should also be quick to clean up any spills that might occur on any given day.
Moisture should also be considered when cleaning your floors. How you care for your hardwood flooring will depend on if the type of flooring you had installed was sealed or not. Most newer hardwood floors are sealed with a polyurethane or similar finish. Other flooring might be varnished, shellacked, lacquered, treated with penetrating sealants or left unfinished. 
For polyurethane-treated hardwood flooring you can sweep or vacuum, use a damp mop with a cleaning solution and then gently buff with a dry soft cloth. For all other hardwood flooring you should never use a wet mop or use a furniture polish. Sweep or vacuum them frequently and quickly clean up any spills.
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