The beauty of tile flooring is unsurpassed, especially when it's ceramic or porcelain tile. Like any other type of flooring, though, keeping your ceramic or porcelain tiling maintained is an essential part of keeping your home looking fresh and beautiful. Fortunately, you can keep your ceramic or porcelain tiling looking as good as new by following a few cleaning and maintenance tips.
Cleaning Tile that is Unpolished
When cleaning tile that is unpolished or unglazed, it's essential that you use a mixture of vinegar and water or a commercial cleaning designed specifically for cleaning tile that is unpolished. After sweeping and vacuuming the ceramic or porcelain tile, apply the solution to it and allow it to sit for at least five minutes before scrubbing any areas that possess stains with a scrubbing brush. After allowing the solution to sit on the tile, wipe the dirty solution off with clean hot water before it dries onto the tile. You can then dry the area with a cloth to bring out its shine. 

Cleaning Tile that is Polished
When cleaning tile that is polished or glazed, you don't necessarily have to use a specialty cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar. Instead, you can usually just use a mop that has been dampened with hot water after your swept and vacuumed the tile to be cleaned. If there's any stubborn dirt on the tile, it can be loosened with a soft nylon-bristled brush, but some more stubborn stains might require a water and vinegar solution for complete removal. Feel free to mop polished tile with the cleaner of your choice, and after drying the tile, buff it with a cheesecloth to really release its polished shine. 

Cleaning Tile that is Textured
The process to clean tile that is textured is basically the same as that for cleaning unpolished or unglazed tile. However, before applying any solution to the tile, make sure that you sweep the area twice, once in the direction of the tile and then again on a diagonal to ensure that the maximum amount of loose dirt and debris is removed prior to the mopping process.

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