Cabinets do not merely serve as a method of organization in our homes. They also add an aesthetic value to the overall atmosphere. Therefore, the appearance of your cabinets need to be both presentable and beautiful to help enhance the overall look of the room. If you're looking for ways to spruce up your old cabinets while waiting to replace them, take a look at the tips below.
  1. Switch out the hardware: To make an incredible impact with minimal effort, replace the handles and hardware for a new look. You can either buy new hardware or find some inspiring antique handles for something a bit more unique.
  2. Add an antique glaze: To add some instant character to the cabinets, you can apply a coat of antique glaze. This can be easily painted directly on your old cabinets.
  3. Add embellishments: Before applying a coat of paint you can easily add a few ornate decorations to the design. These decorations are easy to apply and offer a custom look to your cabinets.
  4. Take off the doors: For a more spacious look you can simply remove the doors from the upper cabinets. This is also an excellent quick fix for older cabinets that are in poor shape. This will improve the rooms appearance until you can completely replace the cabinets.
  5. Go Glass: You can cut the center of the doors out and add a glass insert to change the way the cabinets appear in terms of both shape and design. This might not be an option for all types of cabinet doors. If done right, this can bring a whole new look to the cabinets.
  6. Light things up: Add some lightning both under and above the cabinets to brighten up the overall atmosphere of the room. This will also improve the looks of the countertop space below them.

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