Is your home's sun room being used as storage? Is it boring, dull, and not being used to its full potential? Below are a few ideas that can easily freshen up a sun room in one weekend so you can start enjoying some sun.


The boring stuff must always come first. This step is a basic -- stop neglecting your space! Clean out the junk, maybe even have a yard sale, and survey what the empty room looks like. Give the walls and floors a good scrub. Note the basics like how worn the flooring is, if the walls are clean, and what condition the windows or mesh windows are in.


Blast your window frames with some color. If you aren't brave enough for that, then utilize different colors and patterns with pills, a rug, seasonal flowers, hanging paper lanterns, colorful glass candles, or paint some old furniture. 


Wood and tile flooring are the best choices for sunrooms. However, when choosing flooring you need to remember that it will endure a lot on sunlight which fades wood. ​Laminate is a great alternative to wood that look just like the real thing.

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