Let’s face it, the kitchen is a source of joy and also a source of contention. The reason for the conflict has to do with the sheer amount of stuff that’s store in the heart of the home. In addition to pots and pans, dishes and cutlery, food staples and spices, there are cupboards full of china, canned fruit, and other kitchen essentials. Unless these items are organized, they get lost in the shuffle, cluttering up the room, and making it hard to find the one utensil you’re actually looking for. Kitchen organization skills are a necessity not just something nice to have
So, how do you organize one of the rooms you use most in your home? How do you keep clutter from taking over your life and keeping you from making dinner? You come up with a plan that allows you to organize things quickly.

Here’s what you need to do to demonstrate your kitchen organization skills:

1. Turn your pantry door into your family’s shopping list. Use chalkboard paint in the color you like best and encourage everyone to update the ‘list’ with needed items whenever you run out of them. You’ll never go to the store unprepared again which is how smart people show off their kitchen organization skills.

2. Keep essentials in their own glass jars. Clear glass enables you to see what contents are stored in the container. This saves you the time and frustration of searching high and low for sugar or flour. It also lets you know when you’re running low on each ingredient, too, so you can add it to your shopping list.

3. Free up valuable counter space by adding a magnetic strip to hold knives. The most useful kitchen organization skills involve making the most of every square inch of the kitchen even if it’s the smallest room in your home.

Good kitchen organization skills save you time and money. You’ll no longer spend valuable resources replacing items you already have but can’t find nor will you lose sleep wondering how you’ll find time to sort through the massive quantity of plastic lids you’ve acquired throughout the years. Your excellent kitchen organization skills will make everyone in the home super happy.

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