Summer is traditionally a time people escape to the beach or maybe just a little stay-cation. Worries are on whether you packed your underwear and if you'll be able to hit every beach-side restaurant before the trip is over. It's not a time you want to spend thinking about how the many elements that make summer what it is can ruin your beautiful hardwood floors.


You might not realize it, but the beautiful sunlight streaming into your living room can actually ruin your hardwood. Direct UV rays affect most urethane finishes and sunlight often turn polyurethane an amber tone over time. Sunlight also causes certain species and stains to fade over time.

​The best solution is to keep window curtains closed or redirect blinds at certain times of the day.


Plainsawn floors will grow as the humidity levels rise. This is a completely normal and usually doesn’t threaten the integrity of your floors but, uncontrolled humidity could cause planks to split or become cupped, causing compression. 

Pay attention to how your floors are responding to humidity changes. If you begin to see any troubling signs of splits or raised edges, consult with a hardwood floor professional to determine whether any action needs to take place.

Sand & Salt

If you live near the beach or lake, or are renting one such home, then it is important to keep sand and sea salt off of the floors. They may be tiny, but their jagged edges can ruin the finish. 

Place bins or mats near all doors leading outside so that everyone can take off their shoes before entering. Keep a beach towel out as well to wipe off anything stuck to bare feet. If you do happen to notice something tracked in, vacuum it up immediately; a broom will only further scratch the surface when the sand is mixed with the bristles.

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