As we covered in our most recent blog post, with regular care, cleaning and maintenance your carpet can last for many years. However, sometimes, even with the best maintenance routine, carpet needs to be replaced if it's torn or otherwise damaged. To help you determine if your car needs to be replaced, we've put together a list of sure signs. Stay tuned for part two.

1. Carpet Stains
Hiding a stain with a well-placed sofa or coffee table is one thing. However, if your carpet is starting to look more like leopard print than the beige you bought it in, and even professional cleaning doesn't remove the stains, consider replacing your carpet. The Internet is full of DIY stain-removal tips, and stores are full of carpet-cleaning produc ts, but those methods can make stains deeper, or worse, damage your carpet.

2. Wear and Tear on Carpet
If your carpet has seen better days, and you're using area rugs to cover rips and tears, then consider carpet replacement. Polyester carpet fibers have a reputation of matting and losing their form. Once it falls, and remains tuftless, it won't return to normal, even with professional cleaning. Nylon carpet is more resilient than polyester and usually responds well to cleaning.

3. Smelly Carpet
If you have a pet or haven't cleaned in a while, you may notice a lingering smell on your carpet. The odor should be gone or at least diminished by proper cleaning. If the odor continues to linger, then the smell has penetrated the carpet fibers, the pad, and even the subfloor. It may even indicate mold or mildew growth. The most cost-effective solution in these cases is full carpet replacement.

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