Pets are a great addition to the household, but messes and claws on excited paws can damage your flooring. If your family loves to have dogs and cats around, installing pet-friendly floors is a economical choice that will keep your home looking good for longer.
House or litter trained dogs and cats and still have accidents sometimes or become ill. The last thing any homeowner wants is an unsightly stain in the middle of their flooring. Pet stains can be difficult to remove, so it makes sense to cover your floors with stain resistant flooring in the first place.

Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and care for. Tiles that look like wood, ceramic, stone and decorative patterns are available. If carpet flooring is what you want, consider ones treated with stain-resistant products. Also opt for an under-rug pad that is waterproof to protect the floor structure underneath.

Stain-Resistant Flooring Options for Pets

Scratch-Resistant Flooring Options for Pets

Even if you keep them clipped neatly, a dog's claws will scratch up many types of floor materials and make them look worn and old. This is especially true for parts of the flooring that get a lot of traffic, for example near the doors or in hallways.

Homeowners who love the look of hardwood floors and insist on genuine should choose the hardest options like Brazilian walnut or bamboo flooring. For those with a lower budget, laminates and wood grain tiles can create a lovely look that can withstand your pet's paws.

Vinyl tiles come in a variety of colors and styles that can suit any decor scheme. Other options include dyed cement, sealed stone and ceramic.

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Every pet owner wants their dog or cat to be comfortable and secure at home without sacrificing decor or style. Reduce the amount of wear that pets put on your flooring by choosing scratch- and stain-resistant varieties.

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