Bringing your business' office decor into the modern-age is a costly endeavor but always pays off. Clients, guests, and shoppers notice when businesses have outdated flooring and fixtures. Ripping out stained carpet and tossing out the faded laminate countertops are only some of the ways you can get updated.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is a great flooring choice because it is inexpensive, can be installed on your own, and is available in a variety of styles from hardwood and tile to stone. The click together vinyl can be installed in a day and full sheet versions, a little longer.

Paint or Wallpaper

If your office walls are bland white or have ugly old paint or wallpaper that is scuffed and dingy from the years, it's time to cover it up. Use a soothing color like light gray or cream with an accent wall behind the reception desk and in the break room that matches your logo. Wallpaper with a minimalist pattern in corresponding colors to your business logo is a modern and fun option.

Quartz Countertops

A solid countertop choice for a reception desk and break room counters alike, quartz is less expensive than granite or marble and come in a variety of colors and grain textures. Upgrading your reception desk, at the very least, with a new countertop (and desk too) gives an immediately positive first reaction to guests and clients.

Now, add some plants, a couple of new reception chairs, and reorganize employees' desks for a better feng shui and you have a brand new office in no time!

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