With every new year comes new trends in home interior design. There are a great mix of new sleek and functional cabinet design, as well as some familiar trends pulled from earlier eras (we promise not that avocado green from your mother's kitchen.)
Space Age Design
You might have noticed a cleaner no-handle cabinet design has become increasingly popular in the past year or so, and it's not fated to leave us yet. Some major companies are beginning to engineer cabinets entirely different than ever before. Some are even using hydraulics to lift overhead cabinet doors up using just a button.

Black & White
Kitchens and bathrooms are getting a newly updated version of a very old-school look, using white walls, tiles, floors and cabinets with black counters, appliances and hardware. Juxtaposing bright white cabinets with black handles and counter tops creates easy elegance in any space.

Always, always, always a problem in every kitchen. Where do we put all this Tupperware? How did I end up with five junk drawers? Cabinet drawers are being designed with multi-teared pull-outs which lets users open one drawer and have ultimate organization. Now you can keep all your baking supplies in one area, you'll never have to search for a rolling pin again!

Mix It In
Open floor plans are a big deal now, whether it's a house or a loft an open floor plans keeps the kitchen with the living space. You can integrate these two cohesively while keeping them separate spaces by taking design from your tables or even chair legs and using them in your kitchen's cabinet design.

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