Many people think of California when they think of movies, and with good reason. Los Angeles is home to many movie studios and all the people it takes to make movies, but Wisconsin has long been a site for filmmakers to create cinematic magic. We think it's really cool to see our great state on the silver screen and think it's even cooler to see the locations first hand. Here's a list of some iconic scenes featuring out little slice of Hollywood:

The Blues Brothers

While the 1980 classic was filmed mostly in Chicago, the famous Nazi car chase scene was filmed on the Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge in Milwaukee. The Pinto's swan dive required special clearance, several test runs and six different cars. 

The Giant Spider Invasion

This low-budget horror film was filmed entirely in Wisconsin at Gleason, Merril, Nicolet College and the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. The giant spiders were "constructed" from Volkswagen Beetles with attached legs. Puppeteers inside the cars manipulated the legs. This horror 1975 film's real claim to fame is being featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Public Enemies

This 2009 film starring Johnny Depp was filmed in Oshkosh, Beaver Dam, Manitowish Waters, Madison, Milwaukee, Columbus and Darlington. With that huge list of Wisconsin cities, you'd be hard pressed not to find some location not used in the film. 

The Amityville Horror

It all started with a controversial novel that spawned 11 movie versions. The 2005 version starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George was shot in Salem and Silverlake. This version used the historic Rustman house as the "Amityville" house's exterior.

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Wisconsin is great, and we're happy so many filmmakers have found the perfect locations here. Have you been to any of these or do you know of any locations we forgot? Comment below or share them with us on Facebook.