So it’s time to get your floors updated. That’s no small feat. You have to decide the overall “look” you’re going for, which type of flooring you want, how much the whole project will cost and determine a budget. And those are just a few items!   

The truth is, different flooring options require different levels of commitment from you, the homeowner, and the contractor. Below are five questions you should ask that broadly cover many different flooring installations and estimates.

1. Is it in my budget?

Before you choose a flooring option, it’s important to determine your budget.   

Having a carefully outlined budget up front will help filter out which options are (and are not) feasible for your situation. Of course, our experts at Quest are always available to discuss additional financing options once those decisions have been made.  

2. What flooring works for my lifestyle?

Do you work from home? Have children? What about pets? Perhaps you’ll want to look into stain-resistant flooring or floors that can handle a great amount of foot traffic. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, hypoallergenic flooring options may be of particular interest.  

3. What does the installation process look like?

Different flooring options require different means of installation. Tile is typically a more involved process that includes cement and may be a project you don’t want to do yourself. Vinyl flooring might include removing an adhesive backing and placing the vinyl piece in position. You also need to consider the amount of waste and materials that will need to be cleaned and removed once the job is completed. Consider the entire process and all costs when choosing your flooring.

4. How much care is required to maintain the floor?

Floor maintenance differs based on the option you choose. While some floors are quick and easy to maintain, others can be trickier. Waterproof flooring, for instance, doesn’t require heavy-duty cleaners and when vacuuming, you won’t need to use rotating bristles. 

Vinyl floors can be cleaned with just water, but some homeowners opt for floor cleaners made specifically for vinyl. You can always consult with the manufacturer for best cleaning practices, but before making a purchase, be sure to consider the maintenance effort and time commitment involved for each type of product. 

5. Will the new floor mesh with the existing flooring?

If you’re simply replacing the floors in one or two rooms (as opposed to the entire home), you’ll want to pick flooring that works well with what exists in the other rooms. To take it a step further, choose flooring that works well with your overall home decor and aesthetic.

You have more questions. We have answers.

At Quest, we’ve installed a new floor or two. Come with these questions and more and we’ll help you find the right flooring solution for your home. 

Start by contacting us and scheduling your free estimate today.