6 Tips for Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

6 Tips for Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

Whether you’re replacing your cabinets, putting in a new floor, or overhauling your entire kitchen, the remodel process can be long and stressful. Try following some of these tips to make your remodel go a bit more smoothly and save your family from the hassle of living without a kitchen.

1.  Clean as You Go

If you’re having your cabinets replaced or going for a full kitchen remodel, it can be a great opportunity to clean out items you never use and donate them to a good cause. This will also save you from having to put back utensils and appliances that take up unnecessary space.

2. Set Up a Kitchen Base Camp

If you’re planning on staying in your house while your new floors or cabinets are being put in, you’ll want to make sure that you set up a way for you to make meals without having to get into your kitchen. In these situations, a hot plate can become your best friend.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning meals ahead of time and being aware of how your schedules will be disrupted with the construction can be hugely helpful in helping you survive the few days that you don’t have access to your cabinets or can’t walk through your kitchen.

4. Control the Dust

If you have an open floor plan between your kitchen and your living space, you may want to put down protective cloths or plastic to keep other parts of your home safe from dust and debris.

5. Escape the Chaos

When was the last time the family went to Grandma’s? A kitchen remodel, or even installing new floors in your home, can be a great time to escape the construction. You may even be able to schedule the updates while you’re on vacation so that you can return to a house that feels brand new.

6. Find a Place for Your Pets

For the safety of your furry loved ones, make sure to keep them out of the way during construction. They’ll be happier to be away from the noise, and the contracting team will thank you!

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