Are Frameless Cabinets Right For Me?

Are Frameless Cabinets Right For Me?

Frameless Cabinets, also called Euro-style cabinets, bring a clean, contemporary look to kitchens and bathrooms. Although this type of style has been around for hundreds of years, it only recently expanded into the US. There are plenty of advantages to frameless cabinets over traditional framed, but this type may not be for everyone.

The Function

Frameless cabinets have no center stile, which makes mounting and adjusting shelves much easier than in a standard cabinet with double doors. The lack of face frame gives more overall storage space.

Since this cabinetry is mounted to the sidewall, hinges may need to be adjusted often in order to keep doors straight. With no front frame on these cabinets, they may need to be replaced slightly sooner than traditional cabinets, because they are missing the extra reinforcement on the sidewalls.

The Style

In Euro-style cabinets, the doors and drawers rest directly across the edge of the cabinet box. The door hinges will then be anchored to the sidewalls and neatly insert into the cabinet creating a hidden effect.

Frameless cabinets offer a sleek, modern look to a room. Since this look may be considered trendy and less classic, it may not be everyone’s style. With frameless construction, your cabinet face could be made of wood but also laminate, glass or even metal. Frameless construction will also allow the possibility for open shelving with no doors at all.

The Experts in Frameless Cabinets

FloorQuest’s top frameless cabinet supplier is Bellmont. With more than 30 years of experience, they are Euro-style cabinet experts. Bellmont frameless cabinets come in three styles: 1600 series, 1900 series, and VERO series. Each style follows the frameless approach and offer unique aesthetics to appeal to many preferences. Bellmont frameless cabinets offer clean lines, subtle sophistication, modern elegance, ample storage, and practical function. There are frameless cabinet options for everyone.

Not sure whether frameless is the right choice for your new kitchen or bathroom? Visit our location in Oshkosh or Fond Du Lac today to see for yourself! Our knowledgeable staff will help you make the right decision for you.