Thinking about giving your bathroom an overhaul but feeling lost when it comes to design choices? No one wants to end up with a bathroom that looks and feels outdated. Luckily, FloorQuest has a few ideas about tile designs that will add more than just style to your space - you may never want to leave! 

Geometric Designs 

The time has come to worry less about tile color and focus more on tile shape when choosing to update your bathroom. Unconventional shapes like hexagons are becoming more popular, giving your bathroom an effortlessly modern look and feel. You can add in bold colors for a statement piece or stick with neutral tones to let the shapes pop all on their own. 

Dressy Subway Tiles 

Subway tiles are fairly common and not something that many homeowners would necessarily choose when it comes to dressing up a bathroom. However, you shouldn’t feel like you’re confined to plain white subway tiles anymore. These classic standards come in a variety of sizes and colors that let you mix and match to whatever best fits your style. 

Metallic Finish 

Not for the faint of heart, tiles with a metal finish are up and coming trends in the world of bathroom design. The metallic sheen will add an edgy, polished feel to your once plain powder room. This trend is still taking off, so you’re sure to be a trendsetter if you choose to add metallic tiles to your bathroom this year. 

Go Matte 

While glossy tiles are still popular for small bathrooms because they reflect light and make the small space feel bigger, matte finishes are becoming more popular in bigger bathrooms. Matte tiles add a level of elegance to any room and don’t show water stains or smudges as easily as glossy tiles, which makes them an ideal floor option. 

Modern Marble 

Marble has added sophistication and beauty to bathrooms for thousands of years. In 2019, enhance your bathroom with marble in a new way by using softer, neutral tones. The natural feel of the marble will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a luxury spa rather than your very own home bathroom. Worried about cost? Modern technology has helped designers find porcelain tile that looks just like marble but without the high cost. 

Getting ready to update your bathroom tile? FloorQuest can help! Contact us today or visit any of our FloorQuest locations to get started.