If Your Family Has Allergies, Consider These Flooring Options

If Your Family Has Allergies, Consider These Flooring Options

Winter will be wrapping up soon, and warm weather can mean bad news for allergy and asthma sufferers. If you’ve been thinking about updating your flooring but are having trouble deciding on the right material, we can help! Consider these materials and contact FloorQuest today to get a free installation estimate.

Cutting Back on Allergy Threats

Depending on your lifestyle, there are different hard flooring options that will fit best in your home. Hardwood floors are the most popular option, even though they can be more expensive because hardwood lasts the longest. As an all-natural product, 100% wood floors can be refinished and sealed many times which increases the longevity of your floor. The downside is that wood is a living material so moisture can get trapped in the material and cause the floors to buckle over time.

Cork floors, are another great option because they are resilient and waterproof, as well as sound-absorbent and warm underfoot. Cork floors are gaining in popular because of their ability to fit in many different types of homes. The only downside is that they are prone to scratches or gouges because cork is a softer material than stone or ceramic tile.

Speaking of tile, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic ceramic tile floor. Tile floors are simple to install, moisture-proof, and come in enough styles and colors to please any homeowner. You may have to wear socks around the house in the cooler months to prevent your toes from freezing, but tile floors also give you the option for heated floors in, say, your bathroom. Natural stone floors are also as beautiful as tile but it can be more absorbent than ceramic tile so we recommend you seal your floors to prevent moisture and stains.

A Note About Carpet

We know as well as anyone that there are many beautiful carpet options available. Carpet, especially in your bedroom, can trap allergens that you end up breathing in overnight. There are ways to keep your carpet free of the dust, dander, and pests that can irritate allergies and asthma. However, if it’s not practical to steam-clean your carpet on a regular basis, you may want to install hard flooring instead.

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