Whether you’re in your first home or getting ready to remodel your third, you know that kitchen storage space is valuable real estate. You may not realize that a kitchen pantry comes in more styles than your standard vertical pantry space. Take some time to consider which of these pantry styles is best for your home. 

Basic Pantry

The basic pantry style is common in most homes and can be fitted with standard shelves or shelves that roll out for easy access. These shelves can be fitted to fit your existing pantry dimensions, but sometimes there’s not enough space. 

Walk-In Pantry

A walk-in pantry can be every home cook’s dream. If your home has space, a walk-in pantry is an entire room that can provide storage for food, kitchen gadgets, pots, and pans. However, not every home is equipped with a room that could become a walk-in pantry. If that’s the case, you may want to consider a roll-out pantry.

Roll-Out Pantry

Vertical, roll-out pantries became popular in Europe but have quickly gained favor in the United States. This pantry is often next to the refrigerator and offers homeowners a chance to maximize storage space while also being able to see everything in the pantry. However, sometimes the shelves can be difficult to adjust and hard to rearrange if a different solution is needed. 

Bonus: Butler’s Pantry

Where the previous three pantry types are used most often to store food and pots, a butler’s pantry is a spare room off the kitchen that can be used to store tableware and serving pieces that aren’t used every day. If you’re a homeowner that likes to frequently entertain, a butler’s pantry is a great space to have for serving and cleaning up after your guests. 

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