When looking for an attractive yet affordable new flooring option for your new floors, luxury vinyl, and laminate might stick out to you. These flooring options have a lot in common, but they are both very different, so you’ll need to think twice before just picking one without all the facts.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl is a type of flooring made out of 100% synthetic material. It is made to be durable and mimic the look of hardwood flooring. Luxury vinyl comes in planks or tiles that interlock with each other to form a floating floor. 

What Is Laminate Flooring

Laminate is very similar to the look of luxury vinyl, however, the major difference is what the core of the flooring is made of. Unlike luxury vinyl, laminate has a wood byproducts core that is bonded with resins. However, the top layer is made of plastic that allows for a printed design. 


Luxury Vinyl

Due to the fact that luxury vinyl is made completely of synthetic materials, it allows the possibility for deeper embossing. This results in luxury vinyl looking closer to hardwood flooring, as it can hold more texture.


Laminate will also allow for a realistic hardwood look due to embossing. However, you will find that laminate can also mimic the look of other materials such as ceramic and stone.

Water Resistance

Luxury Vinyl

Newer luxury vinyl is waterproof. It can handle being exposed to water and high moisture areas for long periods of time without warping or becoming damaged. It’s important to note that older vinyl could have a fabric or felt backing that is not waterproof.


Because laminate uses wood at its core, when exposed to moisture it can soften, swell and eventually warp after it has dried. Also if exposed to moisture for a long period of time layers can start peeling away. Laminate would not be recommended for a bathroom or other high moisture areas. However, properly installed laminate can withstand pooled water for short periods of time, just make sure to clean up any standing liquid immediately.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

Luxury Vinyl

Taking care of luxury vinyl is fairly easy. Cleaning only requires sweeping and mopping. Unlike hardwood floors, you will never have to seal or refinish them. While luxury vinyl is tough, if it does get scratched, that panel will have to be replaced.


While laminate is also durable and low-maintenance like luxury vinyl, it requires a little more care when it comes to cleaning. Because laminate flooring can warp when exposed to water, it’s important to use a method that uses less moisture to clean your floors. Sweeping and then using a mop that is almost dry to touch is the best way to clean your laminate flooring.


Luxury Vinyl

Because vinyl is so sturdy, it is a great option to pick if you are looking for floors that will last. Luxury Vinyl flooring can last around 20 years if taken care of properly.


Laminate, on the other hand, has a varied life span. This is due to it being able to be warped by water. This flooring material can last anywhere from 10-25 years depending on how it is being taken care of and where it is installed in the home.

Still Not Sure What Flooring Material You Should Go With?

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