Spring is one of the best times to start thinking about sprucing up your home. As your kitchen is one of the most well-loved rooms in your house, it deserves a fresh coat of paint every couple of years. Some kitchen paint trends are timeless while others may make you think about different design possibilities.

Kitchen Colors You May Not Have Considered

Navy Blue

While some may not consider navy blue to be a neutral color, it’s just dark enough that it serves as a beautiful backdrop for the rest of your kitchen. Navy blue works well with just about any metallic color - silver, copper, brass, or gold - without being overwhelmed by their brilliance. Navy can wander anywhere from strictly blue territory to appearing grayer in a certain light.


A black kitchen can seem very foreboding but it can also give your kitchen a modern look that’s perfect for homes with a more industrial design. Black works best in large kitchens where there’s an abundance of natural light to maintain balance with the dark paint. And you don’t have to limit it to the walls - sleek black cabinets can create a striking contrast and black countertops can help hide messes and spills.


Gray is a beautiful middle-of-the-road neutral for homeowners who are looking to try something a little different without venturing too far outside of their comfort zone. Gray walls or cabinets are a perfect backdrop for bright appliances, tile, or flooring. Alternatively, keep everything calm and gentle with gray cabinets and graceful granite countertops.


If you’re looking for a timeless classic for your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with white. A fresh, white kitchen will remind your guests of your warm summer days and a clean chef’s apron. White walls are neat and tidy while white countertops and cabinets will stand out against bold wall colors or flooring.

Bonus: Bright, Jewel Tones

If you’re really brave and have a very enthusiastic partner, you could consider green or yellow walls. Yellow or green walls can be complementary with wood paneled cabinets for a bright, sunny effect.

Whatever you decide, you can create a complete look for your kitchen with our experts. FloorQuest proudly provides outstanding customer service paired with the best flooring and cabinetry products available. Contact Us today or visit any of our FloorQuest locations.