When it comes to bathroom floors, homeowners not only need something aesthetically pleasing and mood-setting. They need something functional. After all, bathroom floors are bound to get wet. If you’re contemplating updating your bathroom floors, you might consider ceramic tile or vinyl. But what is the right choice? Quest Interiors can help you find the answer.

Ceramic Tiles: What you need to know

If you’re going for aesthetics, ceramic tile floors in your bathroom are always a win. Compared to their vinyl counterpart, ceramic tiles tend to be more pleasing to the eye and can be designed, printed, and embossed in a number of various ways. Printed tiles can emulate hardwood and natural stone. You can also mix and match your tiles to create unique designs and patterns.  

When it comes to maintenance, ceramic tiles are simple and easy to clean, especially when glazed, to protect them from spills and stains. While hard and durable, sand and grit can still penetrate the surface, causing blemishes and scuffs, so it’s recommended that ceramic tile floors be swept and vacuumed twice a week. Mop with mild detergent and hot water and if you encounter stains, treat with small amounts of hydrogen peroxide.

Installing ceramic tiles can be a challenge, requiring wood subfloors and a cement board to lock the tiles in place. If you’re not super comfortable with completing the process on your own, contact Quest Interiors and our experts can help you find a solution.

Now, for the Vinyl Options

Vinyl floors also offer you the ability to create a unique look, as they’re available in dozens of colors and patterns, but don’t get hung up on that alone. Vinyl flooring is also a popular option because it’s resilient, low-maintenance, and water-resistant.

Unlike ceramic, vinyl is easy to install, which could be a fun DIY project with your spouse or children. Many luxury vinyl options include self-adhesive installation, which requires only removing the backing and placing the vinyl strip or tile into place.

While durable, vinyl is more susceptible to marks and scuffs than ceramic tile, but maintaining it is simple. Vacuum and dry mop to remove dirt before giving it a wet cleaning. Plain water is great for cleaning vinyl, but apple cider vinegar can be used to treat more stubborn areas of dirt.  Stains can also be cleaned with baking soda and spills should be addressed quickly with plain water.

What option is right for you?

At Quest Interiors, our experts will take the time to understand your needs and preferences to determine if ceramic tile or vinyl is better for your living situation. If it comes down to cost, vinyl is typically the least expensive option per square foot, but there are several other factors to consider.  Our Quest team is here to help guide you to the right decision for your home.

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