At FloorQuest, we believe that there’s no reason to avoid carpet. It’s a great addition to any home, but based on your needs and lifestyle, certain options may be better than others. We’re here to help you make the right decision!

Choose your Fiber

We offer numerous different fiber choices--each designed to fit your needs. Everstrand Fibers, for instance, are made with advanced soul and stain protection. They stay clean and fresh. If you’re worried about staying environmentally-friendly, don’t be. They’re also made with 100% recycled materials!

Nylon Carpets are strong and elastic, which makes them great for high foot-traffic areas. They’re also resistant to mold and mildew, so if you suffer from allergies, you might consider them as a top choice. If you’re looking for versatility, that also gives nylon an edge.

PureColor Fiber carpets offer vibrant, deep-rooted colors. They don’t fade over time with age or sunlight. They’re also stain-resistant to substances like red wine and won’t bleach from spot household cleaners. 

There’s even more. Ask about Polyester, SmartStrand, Triexta, and Wear-Dated carpets the next time that you visit FloorQuest.

Textures & Patterns

There’s nothing quite like the right feel of carpet under your feet. This depends on your preference. If you prefer a longer carpet with a yarn-like texture, consider cut pile or patterned cut pile options. Shag carpet offers even longer threads, each pointing in different directions.

Saxony and Textured Saxony offer tightly twisted and cut piles of fabric that create a soft feel, but are less durable. You could also try Cut Loop or Patterned Cut Loop, which offer a combination of loose cut and tightly rolled threads. 


Much like how any piece of furniture or cabinet should complement the room where it resides, carpet is no different. FloorQuest offers carpets in beiges, grays, and multicolors. We’re excited to help you choose the best option!

Discover FloorQuest’s selection

When you add them up, FloorQuest offers thousands of carpet options. Visit our carpet home today and browse the selection, or find more even more helpful carpet hints with our Carpet Guide Selection. Get in touch with us and schedule a free in-home estimate. If you’re a business owner, we also offer hundreds of commercial solutions.