Hardwood Flooring Tips for Pool Owners

Some people might over-react by the idea of combining a pool and the use of hardwood floors. However, just because you desire to have a pool and incorporate a touch of elegance to your home with the use of hardwood flooring doesn't necessarily mean that you have to either compromise the pool idea or the hardwood flooring. While it is true that maintaining a pool literally means chemicals that could harm your flooring, a little common sense and low cost precautions will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Hardwood Flooring Tips and Tricks for Pool Owners

The first thing you are going to want to do is purchase a super absorbent mat. You will want to make sure that a mat is used in all entryways leading to the hardwood flooring. This includes areas where the water could splash onto the wood flooring or be tracked in from people walking into the home. This prevents the water from being directly absorbed by the wood, saving it from water damage.    While an absorbent mat will capture the water off your feet, it does not prevent water from dripping off swimmers and their swimsuits. Don't be surprised when your kids leave a trail of water across the house.    Putting a decorative little sign that reminds guests to not enter the areas where hardwood flooring is used or suggesting them to get dry first before entering the home is a fun solution. This will help prevent people who have just got out of the pool from dripping water all over your beautiful hardwood flooring.   To support the cute little sign idea, consider providing super dry towels near both the doorways and the pool area. This could also solve your potential problem of having to deal with people soaked in water while roaming around the areas where hardwood flooring is used.    For more details or to get design consultation with one of our courteous, expert advisers, contact us, or visit any of our 4 SHOWROOM LOCATIONS locations to learn more.