So, you want to know what flooring choices you have for each room in your house. You're not the first to request this information, and you certainly won't be the last. Flooring choices are vast and depend largely on your personal preferences. Although the options listed here serve as mere suggestions, the choice is in your hands as you are the one who has to live with and pay for your selection.
Here are some of the best flooring choices to consider for the different areas of your home:

Outdoors: Some flooring choices leave little room for imagination. That's not the case with outdoor materials such as natural stone, solid wood decking, decorative concrete, and harder tiles. These items are durable, withstand all types of weather, and look beautiful.

Garage: Acid stained or stamped concrete is one of the best flooring choices for garages because it doesn't allow stains to show easily. Other hard tiles are also an option and depending on your budget, gives you plenty of variety to choose from.

Kitchen: If you don't want to spend extra time cleaning linoleum, try installing hardwood floors. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also are easy to clean and maintain.

Living Room and Dining Room: Low cost vinyl and hardwood are great options for this high traffic area of the home. Not only are both options long lasting, they're also affordable which you likely appreciate.

Bedroom: Bamboo, cork or solid hardwood is advisable as flooring choices. Each looks incredible and holds up well throughout the years.

Bathroom: Ceramic or porcelain tiles are a great option. Not only do they look beautiful, they also are easy to clean.

Now that you know which flooring choices exist for each room of the home, you can begin to plan your new flooring accordingly. Take it space by space or do a complete remodel of the home. The choice is up to you. The nice thing about flooring choices is that it offers you flexibility in terms of look, price, and durability.

FloorQuest can help you find the perfect flooring option for every room. Contact us today to learn more!