Laminate flooring is a popular flooring choice, and it isn't difficult to see why. It is affordable, easy to maintain, and resistant to stains and UV-damage. It allows homeowners to get a wide variety of styles and colors they love without paying top dollar for more expensive flooring options. The flooring isn't completely bullet-proof, however. Laminate flooring can still be damaged by a water spill that isn't cleaned up quickly enough.

While small spills are very easy to clean off of laminate flooring, large spills that are not taken care of can easily seep within the cracks around the boards, causing water damage. The problem is much more likely on floors that have not been installed or maintained properly, though professional installed laminate flooring is not immune to water damage.

Water damage can have a few different effects on your laminate flooring. It can cause the floorboards to rot, or it can cause the edges of the boards to curl. It can even encourage mold and bacteria growth if left long enough.
Thankfully, avoiding water damage in your laminate flooring is very easy. Start by choosing high quality laminate flooring, and have it professional installed by an experienced company. Then, make sure you maintain your floors as needed, and properly clean up all spills right away. Use a minimal amount of water to clean the floors, and avoid spilling water on the floors more than necessary, if possible.

Laminate is a beautiful flooring choice, and it can easily last for a long time if taken care of properly. Simply take care of your floors according to the manufacturer's instructions, and they will stay looking beautiful for years to come.

How to Protect Your Laminate Flooring from Water Damage

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Water and Laminate Flooring

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