Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger with These 6 Design Tips

Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger with These 6 Design Tips

The small space living trend has really taken off in the last few years, with more first-time and experienced homeowners alike choosing smaller living spaces in an effort to live more minimally. The good news is that reducing your square footage doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re living small. Here are six design tips that can help your small space feel much bigger. 

Multi-Functional Storage  

Daybeds that double as couches, hidden drawers under your bed, and ottomans that double as toy boxes - these are just a few examples of how you can use multi-functional storage to your advantage. You now have less space to put things, so every inch counts. 

Mood Lighting 

Did you know that dark lighting can actually make a room feel smaller? No one wants that when they already live in a small space. Instead, use bright lighting or natural light whenever possible and choose lively paint colors that brighten up the room, not overwhelm it. 

Kiss Curtains Goodbye

Piggybacking off of lighting - kiss your curtains and drapes goodbye! In addition to cutting off natural light, curtains can also interrupt the flow of a room, making it appear much smaller than it actually is. 

Mirror Images 

Mirrors are a beautiful design addition to every home. Mirrors are great for small spaces because they give the illusion that the room is actually bigger than it appears. They reflect light and trick the eye into thinking space extends past its natural boundaries. 

Reduce Clutter 

Choosing what piece goes into every room can help your small space feel much bigger and reduce clutter than can be overwhelming when you don’t have a lot of room. Choosing a sectional instead of separate seating arrangements, for example, can give your room an elegant feel without adding to the noise. 

Be Mindful of Your Space 

Finally, keep in mind that your space is your own and you want to be comfortable. Reducing clutter, as we said, and making smart design choices will help your small space from feeling cramped and overcrowded. 

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