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Hardwood flooring transforms your home

All hardwood floors and flooring materials are not alike. From mahogany to birch and everything in between, each species of hardwood flooring has its own specific personality and characteristics. Each species and style has its own unique traits and quirks that it brings to the space in which it is installed to complement and complete it. The same hardwood flooring installed in two areas of your home may look dramatically different from each other. And you can choose multiple types of finishes for every wood, providing an extraordinary number of options. So whatever look you want for your home, regardless of how ornate or minimalistic your space, the right hardwood and the best finish is within your reach. We install flooring that fits your space and compliments your home perfectly.

We have four convenient locations in Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Sturtevant and Waukesha, Wisconsin to help you install hardwood flooring in your Wisconsin home.

Install hardwood flooring that matches your décor

Decorating a hall, kitchen or living room can be a fun and exciting project. Hardwood flooring provides a warm and airy domestic feel. You can utilize the brilliant gold tones of Beech or Maple to compliment an a cozy living room. Our professional design consultants will meet with you and discuss everything from ideas for painting to your furnishing choices. They can also give you great advice for future plans you may have for the space.
Hardwood flooring in Oshkosh, WI from FloorQuest

Eco-friendly hardwood flooring alternatives

Bamboo and cork flooring are becoming very popular alternatives for eco-conscious customers. These materials are not technically a hardwood material. Both are sustainably-derived and produced materials that keep the earth beautiful while beautifying your home. If you are concerned about environmental sustainability with your flooring, you should look into these green options.

Bamboo flooring

Many homeowner select bamboo flooring as an alternative to hardwood. Bamboo is a grass that easily grows back after it is harvested. It brings a striking bohemian-chic style to any space in your home.

Cork flooring

Many of our customers who want to go green select cork flooring over hardwood. Cork is made by taking bark from a living tree in a harmless manner. It may be altered to look similar to hardwood flooring or finished to keep its own markedly unique appearance.

Install hardwood flooring in Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, & Waukesha

Install hardwood flooring to add an inviting ambiance to your home. Every type of flooring may be tailored to fit your personal needs. Quest Interiors carries each of these products and more in our Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, and Sturtevant Wisconsin locations. We also provide professional counsel to aid you in choosing the hardwood floor that is perfect for you and your home. We pride ourselves on installing hardwood flooring in a timely manner and doing the job right the first time.

Call or visit a location near you to learn more about how we can help today!

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